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FootballTeam – changes from March 29, as well as work on a new match engine

Working on changes to FootballTeam. What is the goal and what possibilities will the new match engine give us?

FootballTeam football manager is a new version of the game, the legendary game that has been on the market since 2009. A manager based on a community of real players!

By registering with the code “GOLFNEWS” you get a bonus of 200 energy points to start. Just enter data such as name, e-mail and password to create your account. After registering, you will take part in the process of creating a football star.

What changes await us?

  • Possibility to add long-awaited representations
  • New, innovative applications for all kinds of licks
  • Even greater influence on the course of the match
  • Actions completed and starting with offs, offsides, ball withdrawals backwards
  • Division of the pitch into additional sectors
  • Adding pendulum players assigned to a specific side of the pitch
  • Animation based on events on the pitch in an ultra modern style reminiscent of the iconic Anime, Captain Tsubasa

After the update, which will be implemented on March 29, work on the match engine will be the main task. Work on the soundtrack to the game started in February. Visualizations of sound modules and music tracks. In March, however, the first work on creating match animations began.

Work is underway on several modules, including:

  • Commitment – Balancing the health and effectiveness of our footballer during the match
  • Expansion of the stadium and infrastructure along with an increase in the remuneration for the contract
  • Dynamic types of player injuries – several gradual levels of injury
  • New unique special tactics – dedicated and developed by clubs and their members.
  • Character attributes – the skill tree of our footballer
  • New betting categories in the tipster

What changes can be expected on March 29?

  • New module
  • Open up to 50 packs at the same time with a chance for a special drop bonus.
  • Chance of bonuses in draws when using premium keys
  • Special bonuses when exchanging items for a higher tier
  • Unlocking the specialization – no limit
  • Improvements above level 20
  • We will present the full list of changes and news before the update.

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