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HIGH League – freak fights. Where to watch the stream? What’s the PPV price?

Two language versions for HIGH League 6 available

On Saturday, March 18th, 2023, the HIGH LEAGUE 6 – freak fight show. The organizers have prepared a pay-per-view (PPV) broadcast on the HighLeagueTV platform. There are two versions of the PPV broadcast available: Basic and Premium (with “Hejt Room”, which provides higher quality streaming and longer video recordings). Two language versions for HIGH League 6 available. In Polish, the event will be commentated by our trio – Dominik Durniat, Mateusz Kaniowski and Piotr Skowyrski. In English, behind the microphone you’ll hear MMA expert Tomasz “TJ” Marciniak.

An additional option, Hejt Room (mocking fight commentary), will be hosted by well-known figures from the “Ebe Ebe” channel, Michał “Wampir” Pasternak and Piotr “Lizak” Lizakowski. Don’t miss the opportunity to see these sporting feats live and take part in this unique event!

What time is the HIGH League 6 broadcast?

The broadcast will start at 8:00 PM with the beginning of the HIGH League 6 gala studio in the Spodek arena in Katowice. All 9 unforgettable fights and amazing shows will be available exclusively in pay-per-view format on the HighLive.TV platform.

The broadcast, also called a stream, will start at 7:00 PM with the studio broadcasted on YouTube. At 8:00 PM, the first fight will be available for free. The opening of HIGH League 6 will feature a debutant match: Roger Salla vs Mateusz “Haribo” Gąsiewski.

High League 6 – PPV packages and prices

When purchasing the online broadcast of HighLeague VI, we can choose between two PPV price options: Premium and Basic. By choosing the Premium option, we are guaranteed a 1080p quality broadcast, access to the Hejt Room, and video recordings of the gala for a period of 7 days. The cost of PPV Premium starts from 39.99 PLN (8.51 EUR). For more budget-conscious fans of freak fights, there is the Basic PPV option. In this package, we get access to the gala broadcast in 720p quality and video recordings of the gala for 24 hours after the end of the gala. The cost of PPV Basic starts from 34.99 PLN (7.38 EUR).

PPV can be purchased exclusively on the website HighLiveTV <<< click here. There are two versions available – PPV Basic and PPV Premium (better quality, additional stream from Hejt Room, longer VOD).

High League 6PPV PremiumPPV Basic
Video recordingup to 7 daysup to 24 hours
Costfrom 8.51 EUR
(39.99 PLN)
from 7.38 EUR
(34.99 PLN)

PPV price – High League 6

The PPV price for High League 6 depends on the package chosen. The Premium PPV package offers a 1080p quality broadcast, access to the Hejt Room, and video recordings of the gala for a period of 7 days, and starts from 8.51 EUR [39.99 PLN]. The Basic PPV package offers a 720p quality broadcast and video recordings of the gala for 24 hours after the end of the gala, and starts from 7.38 EUR [34.99 PLN]. Both PPV packages can be purchased exclusively on the HighLive.TV website.

The cheapest pay-per-view option for the High League 6 event is the Basic PPV package, which costs 7.38 EUR [34.99 PLN] when paying via ePrzelew or Blik. If paying with PaySafeCard or SMS Premium, the price of access to the event is 8.01 EUR [37.99 PLN] and 9.60 EUR [45.50 PLN], respectively.

Blik/ePrzelew7.38 EUR [34,99 PLN]8,44 EUR [39,99 PLN]
Apple Pay/Google Pay7.85 EUR [37,20 PLN]8,90 EUR [42,20 PLN]
PaySafeCard8.08 EUR [37,99 PLN]9,28 EUR [43,99 PLN]
SMS Premium9.60 EUR [45,50 PLN]11,18 EUR [52,99 PLN]

What Is the High League (freak fight show)?

HIGH League is a Polish federation that organizes freak fight events. Celebrity fights are mainly held under MMA rules, but sometimes take place in other combat sports disciplines, where well-known YouTubers, rappers, influencers, or other famous media personalities compete. The founder of High League is the well-known rapper Mosa “Malik Montana” Ghawsi.

During HIGH League 6, there will be nine fights featuring the most famous Polish stars of rap, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. The octagon will be graced by artists who shine in front of the camera and in the spotlight, and whose work drives our daily lives.

Who is fighting at the HIGH League 6?

During HL6, Daro Lew will once again enter the octagon. His opponent will be “Ludwiczek”. Paweł Jóźwiak has unresolved issues with Marcin Najman… The head of Fight Exclusive Night has accepted the challenge and will replace Jacek Murański. The conqueror of “Bad Boy” – “Don Diego” Kubiszyn will face Denis’s father, Dawid “Crazy” Załęcki. The main event is, of course, pashaBiceps vs Marcin Dubiel. MMA, 3×3 minutes!

  • Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski vs Marcin Dubiel
  • Lexy Chaplin vs Paulina Hornik
  • Denis “Bad Boy” Załęcki vs Paweł “Tybori” Tyburski
  • Dariusz “Daro Lew” Kaźmierczuk vs Kacper “Ludwiczek” Bociański
  • Tomasz “Szalony Reporter” Matysiak vs Michał Cichy
  • Denis Labryga vs Konrad Karwat
  • Mateusz “Don Diego” Kubiszyn vs Dawid “Crazy” Załęcki
  • Mateusz “Haribo” Gąsiewski vs Roger Salla
  • Marcin “El Testosteron” Najman vs Paweł “Prezes FEN” Jóźwiak
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